Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Where did the chip information come from?.
A.The information in the Database was compiled from the Nevada chip/token reports dating back to 1990. There are currently just over 11,000 chips in the system. Chips in the system prior to 1990 were initially provided by Jeff Buckner from his personal collection.

Q. Why can't I see any Images?
A. Out of the 11,000 + chips in the system, only about 900 have images associated with them. Many folks have offered their images, and over the comming weeks, we hope to have more in place.

Q. How do I get the Nevada Chip/Token report.
A. The most recent month will always be displayed on the homepage. Previous months are available from the member area. Once you are registered and logged in, click on your name to access the member area and click on the reports tab. The chip/token report for the current year will be listed in word, pdf, and chipDb search formats.

Q. How do I place chips up for sale/trade?
A. Chips must first be in your collection before they can be placed up for sale. Once in your collection, you can then mark it for sale and it will appear in the search results with a green available button.

Q. How can I get the ChipDB system to notify me when someone places a chip up for sale thats on myWant List?
A. Once your logged in, click on your name just above the log out button to access the member area. Click on the "Prefs" tab and you can set your notification preferences there.

Q. Can I upload chip images?
A. Yes. You can upload images for the casinos you have adopted. First you must be a registered member. Once you are logged into the member area you can select up to five casinos to adopt. You will then see an update button in the search results and chips details can be modified and it's image uploaded once that button is clicked. Image size should be no larger than 200 x 200. Only gifs and jpegs are supported.

Q. How can I change my Password.
A. Once you log in, you will see the "Registration" Tab. Click on it and you will see your registration information. You can change your password to whatever you like there. If you've already logged in, click on your name just above the Log out button to access your administration area.

Q. How can I adopt a Casino.
A. First you must register. Then once you log in, you'll see an "Adopt a Casino" Tab. Click on it, then select the city, then the Casinos in that city you wish to adopt. Once that is done, you can then edit the Adopted Casinos listings or add to it.