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ChipDB.com is an initiative to provide the most complete database of Casino Chips and Tokens online.

ChipDB.com provides a powerful search mechanism to allow

Chip and Token collectors to quickly find the Chips/Tokens they're looking for.

Our initial focus will be Nevada Chips and Tokens, but eventually we will expand to include Chips and Tokens from all across the country.

13,866 Chips Listed!


When I began thinking about how I would go about this I had lots of questions. I was lucky enough to come across Jeff Buckner's site, MrChipper.com. I contacted Jeff and explained what I was attempting to do. He immediately volunteered the images from his collection in order to get things rolling.


I would like to thank Jeff for his support and feedback and ask everyone to stop by MrChipper.com. It's a great resource with lots of great information. Thanks again, Jeff!


A special thanks goes to my wonderful wife for putting up with me while I've locked myself away in the office these past few months!